CNC Machining Services in London

JR Project means the quality of work and a comprehensive range of services. We are one place where creativity meets affordability. We provide our services for companies from various industries, including manufacturers of furniture and exhibition stands, joiners, sign makers, and many others. When it comes to CNC machining service in London, we hold a commendable position in the market.

The Modern CNC cutting machinery enables us to work with the highest precision with a variety of materials, such as Correx, acrylic, Foamex, different types of plywood (e.g. marine, shutter), MDF, chipboard.

In accordance with your preferences and requirements we can work on the materials you supply or provide you with all the wood or metal sheets required for the job to reach that perfect finish. The main focus here is to ensure that our CNC machining work reaches the level that you expect it to reach.

Our CNC cutting/machining service is conducted in modern workshops equipped with state-of-the-art tools. Large machinery with 3×2 meters bed lets our skilled team process sizable pieces of wood, metal sheets, or acrylic materials comparatively easily and quickly. As a result, we are able to adhere to the timeline that’s provided to us by the client, complete every project on time with respect to the best quality and perfection & accuracy of work.

Our team of experienced craftsmen are at your disposal throughout the process, starting from uploading a drawing, through the production phase, until the products are collected or delivered to you. We are also open to discussion prior to the start of the project to precisely establish to the point understanding of the work in hand.

We believe in transparent conditions of collaboration. That is why we have developed the simplest & seamless ordering process to avoid any confusion or constraints. Once you call us or send us the drawing and technical specifications, we provide you with a precise quotation keeping in mind your exact requirements. Then we verify and correct the design and initiate the work. The final step is the collection or delivery of the products.

Your unique project requires a unique solution.

Great service is at the heart of practically everything that we do. Our main goal is to make machining work easy & feasible. From your initial contact with us to safe delivery, we take care of your project and provide the utmost care. Always providing you with fast lead times, great quality, and outstanding value at affordable rates.

If you are looking for quality CNC machining service in London, look no further. Call us now and let our team help you.

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